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Vast majority of birthers are not Republicans (*updated)

How would you describe this person?

1) They approve of how Obama is handling his job as president

2) They hold favorable views of him personally

3) And they prefer him over congressional Republicans when it comes to dealing with the economy.

Democrat? Liberal? Annoying un-showered college student that you can smell instantly when you walk into Starbucks?

If you said any of those, you’re wrong. But, if you said birther—you’re right!  (Sort of.)

About a third of all those who say Obama might have been born in another country approve of how he’s handling his job as president, hold favorable views of him personally and prefer him over congressional Republicans when it comes to dealing with issue No.1, the economy.

Surely, this will be consistently mentioned when Chris Matthews whines about how violent tea partying birthers are poised to overthrow the government. Right?

But wait! There’s more!  According to my fancy analysis of the ABC poll, only 38% of birthers* are Republicans, while 62% are not.**

To say that again, birthers are far more likely to be outside the Republican party, than in it.

Perhaps, Republican politicians and right leaning commentators should make sure that is known EVERY TIME THEY’RE ASKED ABOUT IT.

How did we get there?  Somewhat roughly, since we don’t have all the crosstabs.  However, the poll shows 15% of Democrats are birthers, 18% of independents, and 31% of Republicans.  But, the party split for the poll was 34% democrat, 24% republican, 38% independent according to our email from ABC.

Do the math, and the poll gives you roughly this pool of birthers:  74 republicans, 68 independents, and 51 democrats out of 1,001 in the survey.  Thus…38% of birthers are Republican, 35% independent, 26% Democrat.

Sure, the “movement” might be a bit right leaning because of general opposition to the president. But the truth is, birtherism is bipartisan. (More accurately, opposition to birtherism is bipartisan.) In theory, this should make it a non-issue…right? RIGHT???

*Obama was born in Hawaii. In Hawaii. Innnn Hawwwwwaiiiii.

**At the time of my initial posting, I didn’t have the actual breakouts of the ABC poll, which I couldn’t find online.  As we noted, we initially used Rasmussen’s party ID.  However, ABC was very helpful and responded to our question about the sample. The post is now updated with the new info, and fancy new title.  Sure, it’s just one poll, but it’s now my favorite poll.

***Innnnnnn Haaaaawwwaaiiiiiiiiii.

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