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A plea to Sarah Palin: Ignore Joe Scarborough

Yes, we all ignore him on a daily basis.  But, I make this plea specifically to Sarah Palin…ignore Joe Scarborough.  It’s truly pathetic how hard he is trying to get attention by getting Palin to respond to his idiotic rant about her supposed evils.  It’s a completely transparent tactic from a guy who simply can’t get anyone to pay attention to him.

I guess you have to do something when your radio show is on a “brief hiatus” for eight months and counting.  But, to be fair, you need at least that long to  try and change a “current two-hour radio show to develop ‘a new three-hour program.’”  Certainly you can’t just stay on for an extra hour.

It’s almost as if they didn’t want him on the air anymore.

Sort of like when his last radio show, which also went on “hiatus” in 2005.  However, that show disappeared so that it could be relaunched “in an even more competitive time period“…which is obviously the problem with a show that failed in four months…not enough competition.

Of course, Scarborough had an excuse for that too, saying his old show “was one guy talking into a microphone and spouting an opinion for three hours.”  I mean, what are the odds of that becoming successful in talk radio????

I believe Don Imus put it best:  “His radio show is cancelled. They’re not revamping anything! He will never ever be on WABC in New York again, ever! Ever!…You know why they got blown out? Because they suck! And he’s a punk and a phony.”

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