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The Only Way To Vote In Michigan

There are a lot of stupid political attacks in America, but for some reason this one sticks out.  John Dingell, who has held his seat in the house since 1955, is running against challenger Rob Steele in Michigan.  Dingell has won reelection 27 times, and routinely wins by 20 and 30 points.   Either Dingell or his father has held the seat since 1933, seven years before Winston Churchill became prime minister of the UK.  The idea that he should still have this job is completely absurd.

Should Rob Steele be the guy to replace him?  I know it’s hard to tell.  But, I’ve developed this handy test to figure out which candidate to vote for.

Question 1.  Is CANDIDATE the guy who has been in office since 1955?    YES/NO

If no, vote for him.

Feel free to pass this handy quiz around to your friends in Michigan.

So far, somehow, Dingell is still heavily favored to win.  But, in a very bad sign for democrats, the race has become competitive enough that Dingell has launched some of the most bizarre and sloppy attacks I’ve ever seen this side of Alan Grayson.  (Unlike Grayson, I don’t believe Dingell is an awful person in general.)   We’ll examine some of the claims in detail in coming days during a 34,000 part series.

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