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Archive for August 26th, 2008

Joseph Biden – Man of limited means

Tuesday, August 26th, 2008

The pitch we've been hearing since Barack's VP pick is that Joe Biden is a man of the people who can relate to blue collar workers. Obama might be elitist, but Biden can understand the little man. Right?

While Biden might not have had the huge book paydays of Obama or the brilliant marriage skills of McCain, the idea that he's any more in touch with the average person than any other candidate in this race is laughable.

Obviously, he has had the unending perks of a senator-which undoubtedly make you have a completely twisted idea of what real life is like-especially when you've been there since 1973.

But based purely on cash intake-(everything adjusted for inflation)—Biden has made no less than $136K every year since Watergate. It's one thing to earn six figures for a year or two–but Joe has been doing it since Spiro Agnew had the job he's now going for.

He actually took in over $208K his first year, and has averaged over $173K for his entire senate career.

All told, our 'average Joe' has taken over 6.2 million taxpayer dollars to produce all that experience Barack found so impressive. Hey citizen—do you feel like you got your money's worth?

None of that includes whatever money he made on the side. I've noticed politicians have been able to find additional streams of revenue fairly easily.

It's of course important to note that I have no problem at all with people making money. In fact, I do realize that we need a few government officials, and I have no problem paying them well (if they do their jobs). I also don't want a failure (financial or otherwise) as our president or VP.

But, I'm not the one who is painting rich people as the enemy. I'm not the one attempting to constantly engage in class warfare (the one type of war the left seems to deem necessary). And I'm not the one constantly whining about how things were better when my great grandfather was working in a mill. (It's always a mill.)

Anyway, if the last democratic VP candidate, John Edwards, has taught us anything, it's to always remember there are two Americas. The one Joe Biden is in, and the other one –apparently where people are poor and don't cheat on their sick wives.

Fun with polls

Tuesday, August 26th, 2008

Looking at and their collection of recent poll results-some random observations:

ARIZONA (Mason-Dixon): McCain - 47%, Obama - 41%. > McCain only by 6 in his home state?

CALIFORNIA (Rasmussen): Obama - 51%, McCain - 37%. > No matter how much you pander to the left, you're not winning California.

COLORADO (Quinnipiac): McCain - 47%, Obama - 46%. And (Mason-Dixon): Obama - 46%, McCain - 43%.> These mountain states are must wins for McCain I think.

INDIANA (Rasmussen): McCain - 46%, Obama - 42%. > Q. Could picking Bayh instead of Biden won Indiana for Obama? A. Nah.

KANSAS (SurveyUSA): McCain - 58%, Obama - 35%. > Q. Could picking Sebelius instead of Biden won Kansas for Obama? A. No. No, no, no. Not at all.

MICHIGAN (Detroit Free Press): Obama - 46%, McCain - 39%. > Q. Could picking Romney win Michigan for McCain? A. Probably not, but maybe.

MISSISSIPPI (Rasmussen): McCain - 54%, Obama - 41%.> Could picking Bret Farve instead of Biden won Mississippi for Obama? A. Maybe if they flipped the ticket.

NEVADA (Mason-Dixon): McCain - 46%, Obama - 39%. > I'm going to Vegas in September. Should be fun.

NEW MEXICO (Mason-Dixon): McCain - 45%, Obama - 41%. And (Rasmussen): Obama - 48%, McCain - 44%.> This being in his home region and with all the pandering to the Hispanic vote, shouldn't McCain be up by 10 here instead of splitting polls?

TENNESSEE (Rasmussen): McCain - 56%, Obama - 32%. > You'd expect McCain to be ahead here, but by 24?

UTAH (Mason-Dixon): McCain - 62%, Obama - 23%. > McCain should put Romney on the ticket just to go for the record of largest victory in history in an individual state.

VIRGINIA (PPP-D): Obama - 47%, McCain - 45%. > I think Obama should start calling random people macaca. Just to see what happens. (Nothing, you can say racially charged things when you're a democrat. See Joe Biden.)

WYOMING (Mason-Dixon): McCain - 62%, Obama - 25%. > Makes the Cheney pick that more amazing. There was no chance they would lose Wyoming, they just thought Cheney was the best guy. I could say the same about the Biden pick, except that I don't want to.

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